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Hey this isnt really a bug but really curious. The qmserv.exe whats it for? i ended it and everything still works fine and when i end qm, it keeps running.
It is mostly for Vista. QM must be able to run itself and run other programs with various integrity levels, and it is possible only from a service. On XP it helps QM with the 'temporary unlock computer' and some other features.
OK, thanks was just curios about that, makes more sense now.
Qmserv.exe is a SYSTEM process on my XP computer so if the user exits qm.exe through the task bar icon, application window or End Process, qmserv.exe persists and can't be manually shut down or by other shutdown process scripts in the forum. Is there a way to configure QM to not load qmserv at startup or have QM.exe close it when it shuts down, or load it as a USER process (even if this limits certain functionalities that I may not need).
I renamed qmserv.exe to qmserv1.exe in the QM folder. It didn't seem to load.
I see above:

Quote:On XP it helps QM with the 'temporary unlock computer' and some other features

Can you detail what limitations or unexpected problems that might cause in QM functionality or creating executables now that I have prevented it's loading.

It is a service. You can disable it in Windows services manager.
run "services.msc"

It does nothing when QM is not running, but is required to start QM as Admin/uiAccess.
Must run as SYSTEM.

If disabled:
Will not work process triggers
On Vista/7 QM cannot run as Admin/uiAccess without consent dialog
On Vista/7 QM cannot launch programs as Admin/uiAccess without consent dialog
Cannot temporary unlock computer
don't remember more.

Cannot auto enable when QM starts and disable when exits.
thanks Gintaras, this is very helpful.

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