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Simple Marco
I need some help.

I cannot figure out what is wrong with the following script i wrote. The script should exit the loop after the first time. Why won't the if statement execute the break?

function# ~url [^waits] [hwnd] [str*urlout] [int*hwndout]
rep 10
wait 1
IeNavigate("" 0 0 &str'result)
if(urlout) urlout=""

Thank you for any help.
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[color=blue]function[/color]# ~url [^waits] [hwnd] [[color=blue]str[/color]&urlout] [[color=blue]int[/color]*hwndout]
[color=blue]str [/color]result
[color=blue]rep [/color]10
,[color=blue]wait [/color]1
,IeNavigate("" 0 0 result)
See Ginatras how u just did that, u can run that macro and it wont focus on the site google, it wil just do it in the backround, like i had my program running and it opened the site and didnt disturb wat i was doing
wats the command for that im confused

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