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tool tips
Is there a way to make the tool tips show up quicker when mousing over a toolbar?
First time it appears with ~0.5 s delay, but when moving to other buttons, appears immediately. Do you have longer delay?
Yeah, it seems like about 2 sec when I first then roll over then the next time I roll over the toolbar (having gone off) it takes about 1 second or so. If I stay on it, the second button comes up real quick though.

win xp sp2
512 ram
pentium 2 ghz
Run this macro and see what is in output and how then behaves QM floating toolbar.

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[color=blue]def [/color]TB_GETTOOLTIPS (WM_USER + 35)
[color=blue]def [/color]TTM_GETDELAYTIME (WM_USER + 21)
[color=blue]def [/color]TTM_SETDELAYTIME (WM_USER + 3)
[color=blue]def [/color]TTDT_AUTOPOP 2
[color=blue]def [/color]TTDT_INITIAL 3
[color=blue]def [/color]TTDT_RESHOW 1

[color=blue]int [/color]h=[color=blue]id[/color](9999 [color=blue]win[/color]("QM TOOLBAR" "QM_Toolbar"))
[color=blue]int [/color]htt=SendMessage(h TB_GETTOOLTIPS 0 0)

[color=blue]out [/color]SendMessage(htt TTM_GETDELAYTIME TTDT_AUTOPOP 0)
[color=blue]out [/color]SendMessage(htt TTM_GETDELAYTIME TTDT_INITIAL 0) [color=green];;this is the time (ms)[/color]
[color=blue]out [/color]SendMessage(htt TTM_GETDELAYTIME TTDT_RESHOW 0)

Yeah, that's more like it.
I tested it on several different toolbars and it pulled up the tips right away. How do I make that change permenant?

Try to uncheck Control Panel -> Display -> Appearance -> Effects -> ... .

Or, use the QuickTooltips function that is attached. It starts when a QM toolbar is shown and makes its tooltips faster.

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.qml   QuickTooltips.qml (Size: 375 bytes / Downloads: 339)
the display thing didnt work for me (probablly cz I'm using Litestep).
However, the function worked great!!!

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