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opening a window
how do i open a window when it is closed, like open a window thats inside a window, every time i try to it says error:window not found, cause its closed, but i want to know if i can open it while its closed :lol:
"open a window thats inside a window..."
can you give us an example?
like if i was on a site that had a thing u can click to choose from, can i open that window that i choose from wihthout clicking it cause right now i get the error message saying cannot find window
have you tried recording your click? i do that sometimes so i dont have to do all the typing to get the window info into the macro. ACSr to record. it will record the coordinates and window infor for you.
well, i dont want to click it thats what i was trying to get away from, is there any other way, or would i just have to click it?
once u answer that can u also answer why my macro pauses, is it cause the spe is spe and no numbers, is there a way to make it go fast but not pause
well, if you can get to what you want to click by tabbing to it you can do that.
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which is a bunch a tabs and then a space bar.

also, spe w/o a number means run as fast as possible.

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