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Change text color of "TB StatusBar" toolbar
I am wondering whether - and how - it is possible to change the font color of "TB StatusBar" toolbar. It is very likely that it can be done through :

CreateControl 0 "Static" "" 0 0 0 0 0 hWnd 1 _hfont

in TB_StatusBar function, but I do not know how.

Replace the 'Status Bar' folder with this. If samples2 is shared file, export/replace it, or changes will not be saved.

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.qml   Status Bar.qml (Size: 1.1 KB / Downloads: 400)

Many thanks, it works perfectly !
Dear Gintaras,

It does not work with QM I tried various modifications, in vain. Could you please advise.

Regards, Simos
QM now does not load riched32.dll at startup. It contains version 1 rich edit control class "RichEdit". It is very old, I thought nobody uses it now.
In TB_StatusBar replace "RichEdit" to "RichEdit20W".
Or load it in your init2 function: LoadLibrary("Riched32")
Now checked, they both work perfectly. Congratulations for QM 2.4.0 !
Best regards.

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