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Get window text
I'm currently struck at my quick macro programming. Cry Can anyone help me with this??

How to get the text in the listbox of a window?
If possible, how to get the first line of the text only?
Following example dislpays text of first item ("Left click") in QM "Mouse" dialog.

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[color=blue]str [/color]s
[color=blue]int [/color]hwnd=[color=blue]id[/color](3 "Mouse")[color=green];; get handle of listbox in "Mouse" dialog[/color]
control.LB_GetItemText(hwnd 0 s)
[color=blue]out [/color]s
I don't understand the what the third line of the code means.
Can i just use getwintext instead of GetItemText?
Thanks for the help Smile

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