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Window info
I'm having a problem trying to figure out how to get some commands to go off when a certian Excel window appears. The titles are the same ("Microsoft Excel") but I think the classes are different ("XLMAIN" and "bosa_sdm_XL9").

How can i have QM wait till the window with the second class appears?
I've tried
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ifa win("Microsoft Excel" "bosa_sdm_XL9")
0 WA win("Microsoft Excel" "bosa_sdm_XL9")
and they don't work.

When windows have unusable name and changing classes I have found that searching for a unique control in the windows work great.
Such as:
ifi(child("next.button" "" "Rhapsody" 0x1))
int hwnd=child("next.button" "" "Rhapsody" 0x1)
This determines if a window containing a specific control exsists then gets the handle.
maybe you can control excel with vbscript.

or better look in qm for an excel control
->Tools\Type libraries ...

with the smtp example from gintaras i made me
today a whois function :!:

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