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Import/convert Macro Express files
I started work for a company last year which has a spent a vast amount of time creating Macro Express macros used in developing 100's of MS Office documents and ensuring they are standardize. I'm trying to convince them to switch over to QM as it is much more capable in almost every aspect and will allow them grow their tool base. The IT manager is convinced it would be the right step but is reluctant because of time investment already spent on "Macro Express".

Are there any future plans of being able to import/convert a Macro Express file over to QM?
I'd be more than willing to help in any way I could. After studying Macro Express, I saw nothing that couldn't be recreated in QM using native commands.

Thanks for your hard work Gintaras,
Matt B
It is not in my plans.
maybe you can export the Macro Express macros to a
readable format.

ini or xml.

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