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Sharing files and text between computers
I work with two computers simultaneously and often need to share files or clipboard text between these computers. For backup and synchronizing files I use SyncBack freeware version. But often I need to send files from arbitrary locations. Also, often need to copy text on one computer and paste on another. For these reasons I created this small QM app.

Copy text to other computers - Ctrl+Win+C. Paste - Ctrl+V or any other way.

Send file to another computer - right click, point to Send To menu, and click 'Desktop of COMPUTERNAME'.

Tested on (between) Windows XP and Vista 32 bit.

.qml   Network Share.qml (Size: 13.43 KB / Downloads: 720)

.qml   Network Share.qml (Size: 6.62 KB / Downloads: 766)

_command _control _error _hwndqm about act Add address addresses all Allow allowed allows Already also Alt and another append appended are arguments ARRAY auto available because before beg BEGIN between break but button byte bytes Call calling can cancel canceled case change check class click clipboard clipboards clo Close cname CNetworkShare compile compressed Compressing Computer computers confirmation connect connected Connecting connection contains continue controls copied copies Copy copying correct Could creates CreateShortcutEx Ctrl currently data Decompressing del delete depending depends description Destructor dialog Dialog_Editor did different dir disable displays Documents does Done double down Each easy Edit EDITOR else enable END enter err error errors especially etc example EXAMPLES exe Existing Explorer extension failed fast file filedata files finished firewall first flags folder folders for format formata forum found from full function functions get getclip GetEnvVar
getfile GetFileOrFolderSize gethostbyname GetIpAddress getl getmacro getopt getsel GetTickCount Getting GetUserComputer getwintext GINTARAS goto h_addr_list h_length hDlg help hlb hostent HOW iconfile IDCANCEL identified IDOK iid import incorrect inet_addr Init instead int Internet invalid ipi IsWindow itemid later lb3 LB_Add LB_GetItemText LB_RESETCONTENT LB_SelectedItem LBN_SELCHANGE len like lines list ListBox listed lnk local long lParam lpstr m_computer m_cu m_hprogress m_ip m_ipdone m_password mac macro macros Make max may menu mes message messages messages2 min Modifies mp3 msctls_progress32 msgbox multiple must name names nargs need net NetShare Network next nonzero normally not Note NOTES NS_Copy NS_FillListBox NS_GetIpAddress NS_GetPassword NS_ProgressDialog NS_ReceiveClip NS_ReceiveFiles NS_SendClipboard NS_SendFile NS_SendFiles NS_Setup NS_to_GINTARAS NS_to_VISTA32 older one only OnScreenDisplay open Options other out outq pack param part parts password Passwords paste path
PBM_SETPOS placed plain port predefined press private problems program progress PURPOSE qm_ns_receive qm_ns_send qm_wsa qmcl qml qqq qqqq ran read Receive received receiver receivingfunction recipient recipients RegGetValues remote Remove rep repair replaced required resolving ret retrieve Retrieves retry return Returns right rset run running same samples See sel select selected send SendControl SendData sender senders SendFiles Sending SendMessage Sends SendText SendTo sent separate set setclip SetEnvVar setfile Setup setwintext Share shell Shift shortcut SHORTCUTINFO show ShowDialog signature silently single size sizeall sizepart sizesent slow slowest smaller specified specify speed start Static Status stores str submenu successfully sure tab target temp text than that the Then these this time timepart tok triggers try uname unavailable unchecked Unknown update USE used Uses val value versions VISTA32 wait way When where which will win Windows with without WM_APP WM_COMMAND
Here is a program that I think would go well with Gintaras program if you use more then one computer and screen. I use a few computers in my office and this program and Gintaras program have saved me so much time and hassle. This program lets you use 1 keyboard, 1 mouse and 1 clipboard between as many computers as you want the only thing it was missing in my opinon was it could not send files to the other computers but now with both of these running I may be able to get something done. Thanks Gintaras you do way to much for us. If anyone needs help setting it up I will help you just send me a pm.
Sorry wasnt sure if I should edit the post above to ask a new question about this subject. This program has gotten me thinking that it is possible to do the same thing in qm but I now that I went and read just now that you said it is better to use remote desktop. So I guess now I want to know why it is better to use remote desktop.
Remote desktop is better when you want to see another computer's desktop etc. Often it is not needed, and then these QM functions can be used instead.
also wondering what is the word list for I guess I missed it.
When I post something to forum as attached file, sometimes I create a word list. It is only for searching, and should be ignored by humans.

Posting a QM folder to the forum
This is very cool! Smile

Can i use this as exe file too, or do i need to change something to make it work as exe?
Does not work in exe.

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