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Autohide toolbar
with my transition to vista i decided to use ppro anymore.

now i need to build my left toolbar with qm (which is quite easy),
but one thing i need to know:

how to make a toolbar autohide after x sec of inactivity ?

i assigned a left-center-bump to toggle, but autohide would be cool too.

I use two autohide QM toolbars for long time. They shrink almost immediately after I move mouse out or click a button. Why do you need to wait x seconds?
i don't mean the auto shrink option.
the whole toolbar should hide after x seconds.

Quote:Why do you need to wait x seconds?
on this particular toolbar i have all my system tools

sometimes i need more then one tool from there ...

on a dialog i could use a timer when a button has been clicked,
but toolbar with qm buttons is another thing.
Function: AnyName
Trigger example: #11 0x5
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str tb="Toolbar24"
double xwait=3

int h=mac(tb)
mov -3 0 h 2
double c=xwait
,if(win(mouse)=h) c=xwait
,else 0.1; c-0.1; if(c<=0) break
mov -3000 0 h 2

Or use a hook function and WM_SETCURSOR message which detects mouse movement and button events.
perfect Smile

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