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findrx html tags
i am not good in regex (not now), how can i extract the text between:

<!--StartFragment--> and <!--EndFragment--> when using

introtext.getclip("HTML Format") ?

this is my current working result:

[Image: qm2f2b.jpg]

btw. this posting took me over 2 hours, but isn't it nice ?
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str s.getclip("HTML Format")
str ss
if(findrx(s "(?s)(?<=<!--StartFragment-->).+(?=<!--EndFragment-->)" 0 1 ss)<0) ret
lpstr es=curl_escape(ss ss.len); ss=es; curl_free(es)
(?s) - sets "dot matches newline" option
(?<=x) - preceded by x
(?=y) - followed by y
.+ - 1 or more any characters
your code returns:

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why do you use curl for that ?
Generally, http post string should be urlencoded. But if your server accepts non-urlencoded string, delete the last line.

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