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mixed variable in function call
when i call ppbang(debug,string) everything is ok,
but when i try to pass an integer tp ppbang i get an error.
because p1 is declared as string.
how can i make my variables in function calls more flexible,
so that either string or integer are valid ?

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function $script [$p1] [$p2]
str com

str scr = script
str arg1 = p1
out scr

if (scr = debug)    
,com.format("%s(''%s'')" debug p1)
,out com
if (scr = "Bar Keys main")    
,out com
else if (!p1)
,com = script
,com.format("%s(''%s'',''%s'')" script p1 p2)
run "ppbang.exe" com
We could just declare p1 and p2 as str' (then numeric to string conversion is automatic). But numbers probably must be without ". Also, variable number of arguments.

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function $script [VARIANT'p1] [VARIANT'p2] [VARIANT'p3] [VARIANT'p4] ;;up to p30

str s.from(script "(") ss
int i
VARIANT* a=&p1

for i 0 getopt(nargs)-1
,sel a[i].vt
,,case [VT_BSTR,VT_DATE] s.formata("''%s''," ss)
,,case else s.formata("%s," ss)
s.rtrim(','); s+")"

;out s

run "ppbang.exe" s

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