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coding help please
i use to have a macro that was written by someone else. i have since lost it and would like to know how i can remake it, i have rewritten the macro , all i need to know is how do you leave the text part unencrypted, say as like encrypt the code but leave the text where it can be changed . something like this code ;

encrypted code here "text here unencrypted text here" encrypted code here

i read a post that said you would have to call the text from a function but the mac i had was not called on but written in the code unencrypted , with the rest of the code encrypted! thanks
let me know if you figure this out; i've never seen that.
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no i am still in the dark about it! what the deal is it was a macro that typed text to a window , all the code 'except' the text was encrypted , hence you could change the text , the text was between " text" the rest of the code was encrypted! i would like to know how that was done cause i can't figure it out! thanks

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