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Can you wrap text in the QM editor?
Is there a way to wrap text in the QM editor so that you don’t have to horizonally scroll to see long lines?

I’ve looked, but haven’t been able to find it. The work-around is to copy the line to a text editor that does wrap text, but that’s tedious.

If the QM editor doesn’t have text wrapping I would like to see it in a future release.
Currently no. Thank you.
I too would really like to see this in a future version of QM as the use of long text for T.S. as well as some of my menu's is a bit crazy to manage. I would be happy with a character entry as opposed to a word-wrap feature built into the QM editor - although that would be nice too :lol:

Thanks for listening

In latest versions it is in Edit menu.
Fabulous, sorry I had not picked this up in release notes
I wonder whether there exists an upper limit of characters that you may wrap. In other words, I wonder whether there exists a limit in the characters of a QM Editor statement. Many thanks in advance.

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