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is there a way of making this command play through the speakers rather than the pc speaker?

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bee 10000 1000

Dear Gintaras,

Recently I bought an HP 6570b laptop and I installed XP on it. I experienced that bee frequency duration commands do not work on it, probably there exist not a pc speaker in it. Other syntaxes of bee, presumably using the sound card work perfectly. I wonder whether there exist a way to overcome this problem, for example to "direct" bee frequency duration commands to the sound card. Let me mention that I use more than one thousand bee commands in my macros.

Thanks and best regards.
On Windows 7, bee frequency duration always uses soundcard.
On Windows XP, if PC speaker unavailable, the behavior is undocumented. On my XP laptop uses soundcard, maybe there is a PC speaker driver that does it.
Don't know whether redirecting to soundcard is possible. ... 85%29.aspx

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