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Sporatic Menu
I'm having problems with getting one of me menus to appear when it's triggered.

I have it set with the following trigger but it doesn't always appear.
!v"Quick Macros"

Any ideas where I can start to look for the problem?

Maybe it disappears when QM or some other window is activated or Z-ordered. Try to launch it from a macro, with some delay.

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mac "Menu4"
Thanks. I've got it loading from the init2 function.
I'll let you know if I have any problems; if it's going to fail, it should happen within a week.

Thanks again.
Well, it seems to be hanging up some where. It's not coming up now automatically nor can I start it via another macro (like above) I even tried to start it manually from the editor but I still can't get it to appear. I ran the thread code and nothing else is showing up.
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Threads :men 33042 _hwndqm * qm.exe * 4

Any other ideas I can track down?

it is popup menu or toolbar? If toolbar, try menu Tools -> Toolbars.

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