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I can't seem to get a new toolbar to show up when Quick Macros opens up even though i have "!Quick Macros" in the trigger field.

Any ideas why?
QM window is created before triggers begin to work. Now you can set "window activated" trigger, or, add following code into your init2 function (create if does not exist):

mac "Toolbar name" _hwndqm


mac "Toolbar name" win("" "QM_Editor")

or just

mac "Toolbar name"
Genius thy name is "Gintaras"
Big Grin
Dear Gintaras,

Coud you please advise on the way to get the handle of a toolbar created this way?
The purpose is that I need to get dimensions and coordinates of such a window (GetWinXY).

Thanks in advance!
int hwnd=mac("Toolbar name")
Many thanks indeed, sorry for bothering you!

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