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Tips: QM code in the forum (colors, functions, dialogs, etc)
Q. How to post QM code to the forum?
A. In QM, to copy all or selected text, use menu Edit -> Other Formats -> Copy for QM Forum. It copies correct and colored code to the clipboard. Then simply paste in the forum. Don't use the Code button.

Q. How to copy QM code in the forum, and then paste in QM?
A. In the forum, select code and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Then simply paste in QM. If displays link 'Click here to correct the pasted code' , click it. See also ForumFunctionsToQm.

Q. How to install and use functions and other code from the forum?
A. Read next post.

Q. How to use dialog examples? Where to place the code, etc?
A. Read this: Tips: dialog code in the forum

Q. Why QM code in the forum is with commas (,) and semicolons (;) instead of tabs and spaces?
A. Tabs and spaces may disappear when you post code in the forum. These characters are important. When you copy text using menu Edit -> Other Formats, it replaces tabs and spaces to commas and semicolons. When you copy forum code and paste in QM, QM restores tabs and spaces.

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