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Selenium web recorder and QM
Hi Gintaras,
I try to use this function, but I get some issues.

I use the Selenium IDE in firefox and test it, it can success and no errors.
Then I try to use QM to execute it, it always shows "element not found" and fail. I try to use "StartFirefox, StartChrome or StartIE" and different codes (" Clipboard Format is selected C# Remote Control" and "Clipboard Format is selected C# WebDriver") from Selenium IDE, the QM always shows "element iusses" and fail.

Do you have any ideas ? Thanks you in advance.

my codes as below:( I mask my account and password)

Macro Macro2
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#region Selenium, recorded 2015/2/11 上午 10:38
#compile "__WebDriver"
WebDriver x.Init()
str baseURL=""
ISelenium selenium=x.StartFirefox(baseURL) ;;StartFirefox, StartChrome or StartIE

selenium.Click("//button[@onclick='javascript:udblogin();']"); selenium.WaitForPageToLoad("30000");
selenium.Type("css=input.placeholder.E_acct", "xxxxx")
selenium.Type("css=input.placeholder.E_passwd", "xxx")
selenium.Click("css=#m_commonLogin > div.form_item.form_opra > a.m_button_large.E_login")

if(mes("Close browser?" "" "YN?2")='Y') x.Quit

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