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ShowMenu: based on folder and textfiles
If I have the following directory:

Which has the following tree structure

Copy      Help
|    |
|    |--findrx_basic.txt
|    |--regex.docx

menu_qm = rootfolder

I want to create a sort of dynamic pop-up menu based on a folder, in this case "d:\menu_qm".
It should show all the folders/subfolders and only show the textfiles.

So the menu should exactly be like depicted above without the .docx files.
Also the root items should be shown but they also must be .txt files.

Once a menu item is clicked the contents of that text file should be read and then that text should be send to whatever window the user was focussed on. The menu should appear at mouse pointer position and it must work in .exe format.
This means once the executable is run, it stays running in the background waiting for a key combination (for example when user presses [SHIFT]+[F1].

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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