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QM Guess Game :)
Happy American Thanksgiving everyone!!! Here's a QM Guessing game I whipped up for the holidays!!

Function QM_Guessing_Game
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str s.RandomString(1 2 "0-9")

int i=val(s)

int guesses=0
str message="Make an Attempt, guess a number 1-100"
str guess
if(!inp(guess message "QM Guess Game" "" int'test)) ret

int iguess=val(guess)
if iguess=i
,message.format("Yes, the number was %i. You are a winner![]Would you like to play again?" i)
,if(mes(message "QM Guessing Game" "YN?") = 'Y') mac "QM_Guessing_Game"
,if guesses=8
,,message.format("You lose! The number was %i[]Would you like to play again?" i)
,,if(mes(message "QM Guessing Game" "YN?") = 'Y') mac "QM_Guessing_Game"
,if iguess<i
,,message="Too Small, guess again"
,if iguess>i
,,message="Too Big, guess again"
,if guesses=7
,,message.from(message ", LAST CHANCE!!")
,goto Guess

Funny how much this shows how to do things with QM!!
I am thankful for Gintaras! Thank you!
jimmy vig

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