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Text find-replace
Hallo Friends.

I just bought QuickMacros but I'm absolutely unable to write any code...and so I would like your precious help for two probably quiet simple macros that one day may be helpful also to others...

With the Date Ordering macro I got from Gintiras, the new data came out nicely as in the exemple below:

(Sat) 20- 1-1900 21:38 Saturn (Sag) 165° (Gem) Pluto

(Sun) 18- 2-1900 20:56 Saturn (Cap) 162° (Gem) Pluto

(Wed) 23- 5-1900 20:59 Saturn (Cap) 162° (Gem) Pluto

(Mon) 25- 6-1900 18:59 Saturn (Cap) 165° (Gem) Pluto

Anyway, I would like to reduce by half (=0.5cm instead of 1cm) the space between the lines because as they are they occupy too much space. I try to do it with Words but cannot do it through it because the line space function cuts the lines instead of formatting them properly. This due to the fact that the minimum possibility it gives me is 1cm and not less...

The second macro I would need is a macro that will check all the data in the document and eliminate doubles (or repeated) data.

Thank You very much for your kind cooperation.

Best Regards.

Silvano Tironi

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