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Ctrl+/ for constants and variables
Hi Gintaras,

QM versions, & on Vista & W7, 'Ctrl+/' doesn't show constants or variables, only resets the zoom.

Ctrl+; doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

By the way, congratulations for the new version with a lot of new improvements.

Thanks for your help. Regards.
There are two / keys:
/ near Enter - should show constants; It works on my PC.
/ above numpad 8 - resets zoom.

On computers that have single / key, I think it should work like the first, but should be some way (eg Fn+some key) to make it work like the second.

Ctrl+; shows local variables. It does nothing if the macro does not have variables.
I think that it is about different keyboard layouts used for other languages. I have checked the English keyboard and it works, but not for other layouts.

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