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Image manipulation with FreeImage graphics library
Macro FiBitmap help
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;FreeImage API declarations, and class FiBitmap.

;FreeImage is a graphics library, <link></link>
;Download FreeImage DLL and Documentation. Don't need source. Put FreeImage.dll in QM folder.
;FreeImage is good for converting image file formats and basic image manipulation with good quality - resize, etc. Unlike many other graphics libraries like ImageMagick, you need just single dll file (~3MB), don't need to install. Easy to use, well documented.
;Other alternatives that can be easily used in QM: GDI+ (a Windows component), GflAx (a COM component, seems abandoned). Search forum.

;Class FiBitmap stores and manages FIBITMAP*. Auto-deletes when destroying the variable.
;The class wraps just basic FreeImage API functions - load, save, etc.
;All FreeImage API functions etc can be accessed through FIMG, like FIMG.FreeImage_GetWidth(x) or FIMG.FIF_BMP.
;A FiBitmap variable can be used with FreeImage API functions as FIBITMAP*.


#compile "__FreeImage" ;;declares FIMG and FiBitmap. You can put this line in your init2 function, or in macros where used.
FI_ShowMoreErrorInfo ;;optional
FiBitmap x

str test=
;1 convert file format bmp to png
;2 capture image from screen and save as png file
;3 load png file and store the bitmap in clipboard
;4 load png file and draw in a window
;5 resize to 50%
;6 load/save from/to memory
;7 load from resources (QM 2.4.1+)
sel ShowMenu(test)
,case 1 ;;convert file format bmp to png
,x.Load(FIMG.FIF_BMP "$my qm$\test.bmp")
,x.Save(FIMG.FIF_PNG "$my qm$\test-conv.png")
,case 2 ;;capture image from screen and save as png file
,__GdiHandle hb
,if(!CaptureImageOrColor(hb 0)) ret
,x.Save(FIMG.FIF_PNG "$my qm$\test-capt.png")
,case 3 ;;load png file and store the bitmap in clipboard
,x.Load(FIMG.FIF_PNG "$my qm$\test-conv.png")
,;__GdiHandle hb2=x.ToHBITMAP ;;no, don't need to delete bitmap stored in clipboard
,int hb2=x.ToHBITMAP
,OpenClipboard 0; EmptyClipboard
,SetClipboardData CF_BITMAP hb2
,case 4 ;;load png file and draw in a window
,x.Load(FIMG.FIF_PNG "$my qm$\test-conv.png")
,int hwnd=0 ;;screen. Normally you would draw in a window/dialog procedure on WM_PAINT, and use BeginPoint/EndPaint instead of GetDC/ReleaseDC.
,RECT r; SetRect &r 0 0 FIMG.FreeImage_GetWidth(x) FIMG.FreeImage_GetHeight(x)
,int hdc=GetDC(hwnd)
,x.Draw(hdc r)
,ReleaseDC hwnd hdc
,case 5 ;;resize to 50%
,x.Load(FIMG.FIF_BMP "$my qm$\test.bmp")
,int newWidth=FIMG.FreeImage_GetWidth(x)/2
,int newHeight=FIMG.FreeImage_GetHeight(x)/2
,FiBitmap x2.Attach(FIMG.FreeImage_Rescale(x newWidth newHeight FIMG.FILTER_BSPLINE))
,x2.Save(FIMG.FIF_BMP "$my qm$\test-siz.bmp")
,case 6 ;;load/save from/to memory
,str s1 s2
,s1.getfile("$my qm$\test.bmp")
,x.LoadMem(FIMG.FIF_BMP s1)
,x.SaveMem(FIMG.FIF_JPEG s2)
,s2.setfile("$my qm$\test-mem.jpg")
#if QMVER>=0x02040100
,case 7 ;;load from resources
,s1.getfile("$my qm$\test.bmp")
,;_qmfile.ResourceAdd(+-1 "test FiBitmap.bmp" s1 s1.len) ;;add a bitmap resource for testing
,;x.Load(FIMG.FIF_BMP "resource:test FiBitmap.bmp")
,s1.encrypt(32); _qmfile.ResourceAdd(+-1 "image:test FiBitmap" s1 s1.len) ;;add a compressed .bitmap resource for testing
,x.Load(FIMG.FIF_BMP "image:test FiBitmap")
,x.Save(FIMG.FIF_PNG "$my qm$\test-res.png")

Download FreeImage DLL from
Extract FreeImage.dll to QM folder. In the zip file it is probably in folder Dist\x32.
Also download and import the attached QM file.

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