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Completely Clean Uninstall of QuickMacros
Hi Gintaras,
Hope all is well with you! Hopefully this will be an easy solution. To deal to a change in name of a network drive, I added a new reference to a Shared file and now unfortunately have two different references to a single Shared File in my configuration (one by server name and one by drive designation). This configuration has been shared out to all users. I can fix it by deleting the undesired shared file reference one at a time, when each user logs in, but I can't practically do this for all the users on different PCs. When I try and do a uninstall and reinstall, the references for the users reappear. What is the best way to do an absolutely clean uninstall of QuickMacros so I can start fresh with all the users.
Delete ...\my documents\main.qml.
When uninstalling QM, or without uninstalling QM.
Shared file path is in user's qml file, which is by default this file.
If there are multiple user accounts on the PC, will need to delete main.qml from all. When uninstalling QM, it deletes main.qml only from current account.
This macro deletes main.qml from all user accounts.
Macro Macro1748
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_s.searchpath("$user profile$\..")
Dir d
foreach(d _s FE_Dir 0x1) ;;for each user account
,str sf=d.FileName
,str sff=d.FileName(1)
,sel(sf 1) case ["All Users","Default","Default User","Public"] continue
,out F"------- {sf} ---------"
,sff+"\My Documents\My QM\Main.qml"
,if sff
,,;del sff ;;move to recycle bin. Disabled when testing.
,,out F"Deleted: {sff}"
,,out F"Not found: {sff}"
,;sff+"\My Documents\My QM\*"
,;Dir d1
,;foreach(d1 sff FE_Dir)
,,;str sPath=d1.FileName(1)
,,;out sPath
phenomenal. Thanks again.

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