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encrypt/decrypt in TSMenu?
Hi there!

Is it possible to decrypt a password, stored in the registry in a TS Menu? Since it is not possible to use to use variables I can't use s.decrypt.
Or do I have to outsource it to a function?

I have these entries to log into the SAP system and i want to store the password now encrypted in the registry so i can use it in more scripts
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c11 :run "sapshcut.exe" "-pw=''PASSWORD'' -u=USER -l=EN -clt=001 -desc=''C11   Dev. System Europe''"

c11 Confusedtr s; rget s ...; s.decrypt(...); run "sapshcut.exe" F"-pw=''{s}'' -u=USER -l=EN -clt=001 -desc=''C11 Dev. System Europe''"

or create a function that does all it, and call it from TS menu.
Thanks Gintaras!

Good to know that F"..." can be used for variables in strings. This makes many things ALOT easier Wink

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