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Why isn't LogErrors working
I am trying to use as error log:

Quote: Insert this at the beginning of each macro that needs error logging:
atend LogErrors

And create function LogErrors:
if(_error.source) ;;macro ended due to an error
str macroname.getmacro(getopt(itemid 3) 1)
str functionname.getmacro(_error.iid 1)
str s.format("Macro %s ended due to an error in %s.[]Error description: %s[]Error line: %s[]" macroname functionname _error.description _error.line)
LogFile s 1

it seems like the atend part is not working. ie it is erroring out and never getting to the LogErrors
sorry....these were Compile-time errors not Run-time errors that weren't being picked up by LogErrors (I know, duh!!!!)
:oops: :oops: :oops:

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