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need to wait for FileCopy complete?
Quick (possibly silly question):
Do the FileCopy and cop functions have built in wait statements i.e. if I want to run a file from it's new location after it's been copied, I don't need any wait until copy complete statement. Is that right? In other words, is it correct that the next line of code after the copy statement won't run until after the copy is complete?

One additional question:
Is it possible to have return vales on the cop and/or FileCopy functions - i.e. to check programatically on the success of the file copy. This would be for an install script so at the end of the script, the script would know that everything got copied successfully.

They don't wait. Don't need to wait. Copying is synchronous. Run will work.
cop throws error if failed. Use err. Don't remember how FileCopy.
Thanks. That works for me! Big Grin

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