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Placing Icon in Windows Taskbar Notification Area
Hello Gintaras,
I would like to place an icon for a QM exe file in the taskbar notification area icon (lower right hand corner of taskbar) when the executable is running. I remember seeing a Mouse Gestures function set on the forum that did something similar (though not executable but still placed a little mouse icon in the taskbar area). If the icon can be left and right clicked to bring up a control dialog or rtclick menu options, that would be great too. I will keep looking in the forum for that mouse gestures example, but if you could point me in the right direction, that would be great.
Sorry for the bother,
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Tray icon & dialog ?
Popup notification from tray icon

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.qml   Tray icon that responds to left and right click.qml (Size: 437 bytes / Downloads: 272)
Stunningly amazing as always!!!

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