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Strange issue with #2 on keyboard and triggers
Hi! I just installed QM on Windows Vista Ultimate and now the #2 key doesn't work on my keyboard. The #2 on the numeric keypad works, but not the one above the Q&W keys.

If I right click the QuickMacros icon and Disable all triggers, the #2 key works again in both places on the keyboard.

This is strange because I don't have the #2 key assigned as a trigger. Attached should be a screen shot of my search for the #2 and the results.

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You have trigger 28. First key 2, next key 8.
Ah thanks! Is that a default or did I mess up and type somewhere I shouldn't have?
Not default.
OK thanks! I'm very new at QM so I must have messed it up without knowing what I did. :oops:

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