Buy Quick Macros

A Quick Macros license costs US $40. There are volume discounts. Upgrades are free.

You can order using one of these online payment services: PayPal or Share-it.

Order at PayPal.

Order at Share-it.

When your order is processed, you will receive your Quick Macros registration code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have ordered Quick Macros but did not receive a registration code.

A. If your order is processed, you can retrieve your registration code here. Or send email.

Q. I have lost my registration code.

A. You can retrieve your registration code here.

Q. More info about ordering at Share-It.

A. Share-It customer service.

Q. I have ordered Quick Macros but it still does not work. How to register it?

A. Read here.

Q. Can I use Quick Macros on my 2 computers with same registration code? Or 1 at home and 1 at work?

A. Yes, if only you use these computers. Read Quick Macros license agreement. Here "you" means "you and your family". Don't give your registration code to others, as it may be disabled.

Q. After I enter registration code in Quick Macros, will my name be displayed somewhere?

A. Your name will be in the Registration dialog (Help menu). If purchased for a company, will be displayed company name and your name.

Q. If I order multiple licenses, will I receive multiple registration codes?

A. No, you will receive 1 registration code that includes the number of licenses. If you need multiple codes, either order multiple times, or send email with the list of names (when you already have your 1 code).

Q. Can we purchase a site license?

A. No.

Q. Affiliates. Can I promote Quick Macros and get some money for it?

A. Yes. The commission is 50%. Register here (Share-It).

Use this URL in links to Quick Macros: Replace the xxxxx with your affiliate ID. How it works: When somebody clicks the link, the web page sets a cookie with your ID on his/her computer. Later the cookie is used when the customer comes to the Purchase page (this page). The Order link sends your ID to Share-It, which processes the order and transfers the commission to you. The cookie also removes the PayPal links.

Alternatively use the link generator in your Share-It Control Panel.

Q. Support.

A. Ordering - Share-It customer service. Other - Quick Macros support.