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Various screen resolutions
The macro I am working on will be used to fill in common fields (buttons and text) on a multi-page form. Once the macro has completed the user can then go back into the document and make any minor changes that are appropriate. Most of the items on the form will be the same in the vast majority of cases.

Here is my dilemma, how do I 'program' my macro to run on laptops that have various screen resolutions? I'm concerned this will be a deal breaker for me and I just can't help but think there has to be a way to overcome this.  Of course, one way is to tell all the users that their laptops must be set to a company directed screen resolution. They are using company-issued laptops so this "may" work but, I doubt it. Everyone likes to customize things. Even when the admin tries to lock down so many functions on company computers. LOL

Richard H Adkins Jr

Authors Guild of America
Romance Writers of America
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Mouse functions such as lef can be replaced with:
1. Keyboard. Tab to select, space to check/uncheck, Alt+underlined letter to press button. More in Help topic "Windows keyboard shortcuts".
2. Accessible object functions. Look in floating toolbar, 5-th button.
3. If nothing works, try "find image". Floating toolbar, 5-th button.
Maybe this might also help:
  Tip 14 - Accessible object actions: - use the "NODES" to target interface objects... - table based actions (rows)
(In youtube video link, look below in in description for info/chapter/time stamps/..etc.)

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