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Moving a window or frame up and down ACCURATELY
My macro is editing a page that exists in two parts (at least). There is a left frame which will be for major sections and a right frame that has to be filled out with either a checkbox being checked (often many of these) and/or boxes with text to be added by the macro. 

The problem I'm having is getting the page, or more specifically, the frame, to move an exact amount each time so when the mouse/cursor seeks out a button to check, it hits its mark.

What is the most consistently accurate way to move either a window or a frame?

ps. I am reading the "Change window position or size" portion of the Quick Macros Online Help but, I have yet to find how to move a frame with in a window.  Incidentally, the help page for QM is a case in point exactly like what I'm talking about. I need to move the left frame down a precise amount so my mouse can then click on the correct section and then I need to scroll the right frame down the exact amount to enter my values.
I'll keep reading. If anyone is willing to shoot me a quick answer, I'd be grateful. 


I may have found my answer.
In case someone else is looking, here is what I've come up within the help section. The key seems to be in the lef+ x y  parameters This should drag a pressed mouse button from one coord to another one thus, moving my gray sidebar in any window frame.:

Mouse click
lef[+|-] [x y] [window] [flags]
rig[+|-] [x y] [window] [flags]
mid[+|-] [x y] [window] [flags]
dou [x y] [window] [flags]

x y - mouse pointer coordinates. If omitted, mouse pointer is not moved.

window - top-level or child window. If omitted or literal 0, coordinates are relative to the top-left corner of the screen.


1    Coordinates are relative to the top-left corner of window's client area. If window is literal 0 - to the work area.
2    Don't activate window. Not error if point x y does not belong to window or its top-level parent window.
4    QM 2.3.0. Finally return the mouse pointer to previous position.

+    button down (press).
-    button up (release).
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