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Press esc twice to close current window
I have been using Autohotkey's script to close the current window, just press the esc key twice

I want to know how to implement it in QM, I don't want to open AHK and QM at the same time, because sometimes there are some compatibility issues.

Also, I want to know, how to use the hotkey(ctrl+enter), to achieve, press the OK button in all dialogs, is this possible?

I hope someone can make some suggestions and ideas, thank you in advance?

Double-click Esc Close Window/Tab AHK code: 
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WinGetClass Class, A
If (A_ThisHotKey = A_PriorHotkey && A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 350)
 If Class in MozillaWindowClass,IEFrame
  Send ^{vk57} ;Ctrl w
  Send !{F4}

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