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Background send message, opening file
Good day Gintaras and all everything!
I congratulate everyone on the coming New Year. Success and prosperity to you!
Glad that the forum is working again.
I would like to hear advice on how to solve the problem.
I run the program in the background or in hidden mode and that's fine, but when I close the first hidden window (the "Login Error" window) the next window "Login to Cloud Manager" becomes active. If I close the second window the program becomes active (in focus). Is it possible to do this all in the background or in the Hidden mode, so that the windows and the program do not become active until it is needed?

Macro Macro2
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run "$appdata$\Lira\1.exe" "" "" "*" 4|0x100
int w1=wait(3 WC win("Login Error" "QWidget"))
int h=win("Login Error" "QWidget")
int w2=wait(5 WC win("Login to Cloud" "QWidget"))
int w3=win("Login to Cloud" "QWidget")

Next, I need to open the file, do it in background mode, the record menu does not recognize the menu items, so I did it this way:

Macro Macro2 
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key Sp      ;; Shift+P opens the file open menu
key A           ;; Alt
key D           ;; Down
key Y           ;; Enterthese 3 commands is a file-open
key "101.bin" ;; file name
key Y           ;; Enter
int w522=win("Beta" "QWidget" "1")
mov 0 0 w522
int w122=win("Beta" "QWidget" "1")
lef 1099 328 w122 1

Can this part (the opening of the file 101.bin) also be done in the background? The last action is clicking on the coordinates in the "Beta" window, using the keys there is no possibility to perform this action as I did not try, it would be good to do it, but if it is difficult it is not so important. Then I need to make the program active when a picture is found.
There are not many similar tasks on the forum, the commands that I found SendKeysToWindow2 did not work or I misused them. Please, help.
I read manual (key f1), I read forum this is no help for me, anybody tell what type of comand I need to use, or maybe link on the same example...
103 views and no posts..I also need sympathy for the message, it's at least some kind of support. I'm working on the matter of my life and I'm not lucky enough to apply QM in it

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