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Macro stops working after 2nd Key release
Hi Everyone,

I have been using a very old tool which works for me but I wanted to have more options for editing everything, found QM Smile
As my first try I tried to make a macro based on what I used prior and it seems that it's working but not completely.
Added and edited the same delays and all but after 2nd F5 it won't go forward. (It did 1 time and everything worked o.O)
I'm running it as Administrator in separate process, is there any syntax problem ?
Could someone help me out ?

Here the code I did:

/exe 2
key+ A(0.025) ;; Alt+(wait 0.025)
key- A(0.025) ;; Alt+(wait 0.025)
rig+ 984 562 0(0.650)
key+ F5(0.782) ;; F5
key- F5(0.109) ;; F5
key+ F5(0.787) ;; F5
key- F5(0.125) ;; F5
key+ F6(1.641) ;; F6
key- F6(0.109) ;; F6
key+ F5(0.984) ;; F5
key- F5(0.125) ;; F5
key+ F5(1.672) ;; F5
key- F5(0.094) ;; F5
key+ F5(0.969) ;; F5
key- F5(0.093) ;; F5
rig- 984 562 0(1.2)
key+ F5(0.050) ;; F5
key- F5(0.050) ;; F5
main_function Testing
exe_file $my qm$\Testing.qmm
flags 6
guid {BF463E1F-62B4-41C0-96B6-AF83F000D80B}

Thanks in advance!
If Quick Macros window is active, F5 is this menu command: Debug -> Step.
This macro works when eg Notepad is active. F5 inserts current date-time.
Sveikas Gintaras,


Macro is started by shortcut ex.: Ctrl + A
The active window is a game then I press CTRL +A to start the macro, however it stops after 2nd F5.
You think maybe because it lose focus of the active window or something ?
Don't know, maybe the game is protected from automation software.

After testing and spending some quality time :o I got it working.
Added more delays and started using drag mouse on specific window Smile
Is it possible to repeat whole macro for example 2 times?

If I put:
rep 2
tab line
tab line 2

Means it will run first line then second line then repeat?

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