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Press and release trigger - ilya1111 - 12-17-2017

Today my question is not stupid)
Can I make a trigger that would run the macro1 when I press the space key and macro2 when I release the space key?
How to do it?
Love this forum)

Re: Press and release trigger - ilya1111 - 12-17-2017

I want to jump between two different operation system two terminals on both qm is installed. It can do programm Aster. Macro 1 run wnen I press space on 1st OS and to transfer keyboard (by combination ctr+F12) to 2nd OS. when I release space in 2nd OS (2nd terminal) macro2 is run and to return keyboard (also by combination ctr+F12) in main first OS.
The releasing and pressing triggering must be activated separately on each OS.
Maybe it is real)

Re: Press and release trigger - Gintaras - 12-17-2017

Did you try the "When released" checkbox in the Properties dialog? I don't have Aster and cannot test whether it works in your case.