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  Need Macro-Maker, (human) i can paid
Posted by: Skytoss - 11-28-2017, 12:57 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hi, i want to make a good macro for my game, but im noob. I want to find one people for make my macro.
Not a really big macro, all macro is based on image (find and click, if no find, go next, if find, click) i give all image, but.. im noob for make "If find image, click, if no find, go next". I can paid.
My skype : SC2coach

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  Key combination with Key(#X)?
Posted by: sirpipthegreat - 11-27-2017, 05:02 PM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Is there a simple/easy way to do a key combination with the 'Key(#X) method?
Sometimes i need to use 'F2Y a few thousand times and waiting 10 times as long is a real drag.

When using this, I get about 10 reps per second

rep(100) 'F2Y

but something like this gives 100+ reps per second.

This will key F2 once, then key Y 100 times.

I have tried a few other things with no real simple solution.
Creating a string, concatenating it with the number of reps, then executing, works but is less elegant than i would like.

Thanks for the input.

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  find only first image
Posted by: ilya1111 - 11-24-2017, 08:49 PM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

It is difficlt to understand why macros find only first picture image:h73818D64 (background search) aero enabled.
I try to write another the same macros and it work. But this does not work.
Macro Macro2

int w1990=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r1; r1.left=277; r1.top=300; r1.right=320; r1.bottom=337 ;;rectangle in w client area coordinates (flag 16)
int Ah = wait(0.01 S "image:h73818D64[]image:hD14D5D6C[]image:h6EF99DE2[]image:hF8D98F10" w1990 r1 16|0x1100 9);err
if Ah=1
,out "find"

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  How can I convert a String to Int type?
Posted by: kapodeV2 - 11-23-2017, 05:40 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

how can i convert a string to an int?
for example :
str = "1"
the string 1, will converted be converted to an integer which is 1.

in C# I think this is how you will do it.

string num ="1";
int x = Int.Parse(num);

but here in QM, is there a simple way to do that?

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  how to end an exe file
Posted by: ytlinzzn - 11-22-2017, 12:08 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Dear all,,
I want to create an EXE file but just dont know how to end it...
(In the macro I can simply press F11 by hotkey setting)

I check manual it only says:
"Only a single program can use the hotkey. The hotkey will not work if another instance of the program or another program already uses that hotkey. For example, Windows Explorer may use it for a shortcut. Don't use hotkeys with modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) if the macro uses keyboard/mouse commands, because then user-pressed modifier keys will be mixed with macro-pressed keys/buttons and the result may be dangerous."

but I cant find any place to do this setting
(I am a windows user)

can anyone help???
many thanks! Smile)

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  New to Macro and need some help.
Posted by: kamilos09 - 11-19-2017, 09:41 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Hi i want to create a simple macro with actions

opt save; opt slowkeys; opt slowmouse; spe 100
double F=1.0 ;;speed
int w1=act(win("application" "D3D Window"))
lef 488 374 w1 1; 0.90*F ;; 'app'
lef 426 285 w1 1; 0.57*F ;; 'app'
lef 434 285 w1 1; 1.39*F ;; 'app'
lef 517 367 w1 1 ;; 'app'
    mac "action 1"  ;action 1 is in a loop and i call action 1 here want it to go for 1 minute
    wait 60
    mac-"action 1" ; this is supposed to stop action 1 loop but its not working
    wait 05
    'Y; 0.37*F      ;; Enter
    'text     ;; text
opt restore
it works fine but the part with calling action 1 is screwed its not stoping once its started here and need some help on it. Thanks.

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  Check if QM is running as admin?
Posted by: r0n - 11-19-2017, 09:06 AM - Forum: Programming - Replies (2)

Is there a way, using QM code to check if QM is running as admin? (Windows 7).

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  bad loop
Posted by: ilya1111 - 11-17-2017, 04:42 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Qm find only first picture and out after for example like this:
but on screen other numbers

int w=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
int Jh = wait(555 C 0x090909 313 308 w 1|0x1000);err

int w1=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
int Jh1 = wait(555 C 0x393939 332 64 w1 1|0x1000);err

int w2=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
int Jh2 = wait(555 C 0x5253A9 336 66 w2 1|0x1000);err

out "find"


int w21=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r21; r21.left=259; r21.top=90; r21.right=377; r21.bottom=364
int Ah1 = wait(0.01 S "image:h00AD978E" w21 r21 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah1=1
    out "1"
    goto 1

int w14=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r14; r14.left=259; r14.top=90; r14.right=377; r14.bottom=364
int Ah2 = wait(0.01 S "image:h7CA44AD2" w14 r14 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah2=1
    out "2"    
    goto 1
int w26=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r26; r26.left=259; r26.top=90; r26.right=377; r26.bottom=364
int Ah3 = wait(0.01 S "image:h771FC9C4" w26 r26 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah3=1
    out "3"
    goto 1
int w23=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r23; r23.left=259; r23.top=90; r23.right=377; r23.bottom=364
int Ah4 = wait(0.01 S "image:hA811C7A9" w23 r23 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah4=1
    out "4"
    goto 1
int w20=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r20; r20.left=259; r20.top=90; r20.right=377; r20.bottom=364
int Ah5 = wait(0.01 S "image:h3857EC96" w20 r20 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah5=1
    out "5"
    goto 1
int w25=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r25; r25.left=259; r25.top=90; r25.right=377; r25.bottom=364
int Ah6 = wait(0.01 S "image:h32FC5E23" w25 r25 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah6=1
    out "6"
    goto 1
int w13=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r13; r13.left=259; r13.top=90; r13.right=377; r13.bottom=364
int Ah7 = wait(0.01 S "image:h0211D5B5" w13 r13 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah7=1
    out "7"
    goto 1
int w24=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r24; r24.left=259; r24.top=90; r24.right=377; r24.bottom=364
int Ah8 = wait(0.01 S "image:hA0309F37" w24 r24 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah8=1
    out "8"
    goto 1
int w19=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r19; r19.left=259; r19.top=90; r19.right=377; r19.bottom=364
int Ah9 = wait(0.01 S "image:h8C170FC2" w19 r19 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah9=1
    out "9"
    goto 1
int w18=win("" "TFrmDesktop")
RECT r18; r18.left=259; r18.top=90; r18.right=377; r18.bottom=364
int Ah10 = wait(0.01 S "image:h00A0DA79" w18 r18 16|0x190 8);err
if Ah10=1
    out "10"
    goto 1
does anyone see an error?
sory code copy from notepad

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  Changing case of a string
Posted by: Imagez - 11-08-2017, 04:43 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hi Gintaras,

Nice easy one (even though I cant see a straight answer anywhere, If i have a simple string, how do i change it from "quick macros" to "QUICK MACROS"?

i.e changing everything to uppercase whether they were originally or not.

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  Replicate sending messages to a window
Posted by: ssimop - 11-07-2017, 06:37 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

The following routine sends correctly a message to window, the first time it is called :

Function tempf01

,if eco.mcase=2 and but(id(27 hDlg))
,,str badescr=F"{eco.daTID}.{eco.daCODE}.{eco.daSERNO} - {eco.daDESCR}"
,,double baposon=eco.daPOSON
,,RCt ecba
,,outt F"{badescr} : {baposon} - {ecba.daPOSON}"
,,int dialogHandle=win("Σ.Ε.Σ. - Διαχείριση Οικονομικών *" "#32770")
,,SendMessage(dialogHandle WM_APP+4 0 &ecba)

Window receives :
Function tempf02
,case WM_APP+4 ;; Enter record
,RCt* ecba=+lParam
,double- bnPOSON=ecba.daPOSON
,str- bndescr=ecba.bdate
,outt F"{bndescr} : {bnPOSON}"

However, the second time it is called, although the proper (new) values are set with tempf01, tempf02 receives the previous values, those set in the first call.

Any advice will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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